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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Peanut Butter Banana Sprinkle Surprise!

Whew!! We are back out on our mooring for the summer, and do not yet have internet access "way out there." But we will!! Soon-ish... We also went sailing over the weekend for three wonderful days, which took me even further from the techno world. In honor of that trip, I decided to post a "recipe" I created for my then not-quite-two-year-old on our sail up the Inside Passage to Alaska.

Potassium. Protein. Iron. A little sugar. Lots of color. How could it not be a winner? You can see from the pics that Bear appreciated my creation too. Also good for stuffed rabbits, puppies and grown-up people (not stuffed).

You will need...

A banana
peanut butter

This is pretty self explanatory from the picture, but in keeping with tradition:

1) Slice banana into bite size pieces.

2) Top each piece with a smear of peanut butter, then stick raisin in the middle.

3) Lightly top with rainbow sprinkles (or decor of your choice).

4) Best served with milk.

I made a plate of these on our passage back this weekend, and they disappeared as fast as they did the first time I made them. Still a hit!

PRO: Easy to make when you need to get a healthy snack out fast.
CON: You will need a clean-up cloth for little hands and face.

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