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Monday, May 23, 2011

Haul Out

Last Tuesday we hauled our boat out of the water. Well, the lift hauled it, not us. We did a cost comparison beforehand, and went the lift route to save on chiropractic bills. But before the haul out, my husband tried to explain to our three year old what was going to happen:

"We're going to haul our boat home out of the water. We're going to take her out of the water, and you'll be able to see all the parts of her that are UNDER the water. All the parts that you cannot see right now."

So, haul out on Tuesday, but my daughter and I didn't arrive at the shipyard until Friday. On the way there, she kept saying, "We're going to see our boat home upside down and out of the water!"

I kept saying, "No, not upside down, just out of the water." But it wasn't until we were actually standing alongside the boat that my mind clicked into "three year old" and I understood what she meant. She had never understood that the boat would be all the way out of the water. So, in order to see the parts UNDER the water, of course we would need to flip her UPSIDE DOWN. Brilliant, I just didn't understand.

I hear that happens to brilliant people a lot. No one understands them. Three year olds have it rough.

In terms of cooking, what this haul out has meant is that I did cook some mean enchiladas (my first!) at my sister's house, but since my husband took the camera for the haul out, I didn't snap pics or post. Other than that, we've been half living out of the car and half eating out of a brown paper sack that I keep refilling with somewhat questionably healthy foods... we'll get back on the wagon this week.

In terms of how the haul out went, my husband sandblasted, epoxied and faired areas of the hull, and then we rolled bottom paint together over the weekend. She is looking mighty clean and smooth... On the first day, my daughter took a three hour nap while we did the first coat. She almost never naps anymore. On the second day, Grandma read many, many stories. Sometimes, life does work out rather well.

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