Galley: 1) the kitchen of a boat. Sally: 1) a venture off the beaten path, 2) a military action in which besieged troops burst forth from their position, 3) a witty remark.

About me & this blog

My name isn't Sally, but I am venturing off the beaten path. I live, and cook, aboard a fifty foot sailboat. I cook, but I am not a cook, and that is the position I'd like to "burst forth from." I haven't been under siege precisely, more stuck in a rut, but I'm climbing out! And perhaps I can even do it with wit and pluck...

I've robbed much of the following (but not all) from my very first blog post, back when I was just excited to start my project, and really had no idea how much fine tuning could be done to a blog. Now I'm savvier (a little), and I've decided that much of my first entry was really more of an "About me & this blog" page. So, I've revisited it here...

I made one resolution for 2011. I resolved to deviate from my well-worn shopping list and grocery stops. I'm ready for new tastes, new dishes, new recipes and discoveries and spices. I'm ready to find out what to do with a jar of Spanish Saffron a friend gave me.

My biggest hurdles? First, I'm not a cook. That title goes to my husband, but I am the one with the time to cook. Second, my culinary explorations must be defined by an air of frugality. Such are the times. Finally, my kitchen is a galley. A small and sometimes awkward space, but not an excuse for deadly repetition at dinner time (or breakfast either for that matter).

Inspiration for my resolution struck one predawn morning in the ferry line-up. I had one, rare, silent, dark hour to spend listening to the radio. NPR Morning Edition. A treat! Best of all, the host was conducting an interview with a woman named Nigella, and Nigella was sharing a simple recipe. I had never heard of this British chef before (can I use the "not a cook" excuse again?), but she made me believe that I could execute a lovely AND simple dish. I hastily wrote down the ingredients, and listened to her instructions. I vowed to make the dish the very next time I made dinner. I would! I could! But I didn't...

Two months passed, New Year's Eve arrived. It was time to renew that vow, and head to the grocery store. The rest isn't quite history, but it is well documented in Galley Sally.

I should include one final note on boat life
. Living on a boat brings certain constraints and concerns (and liberties) to life that are different from most houses. As such, recipes will often include references to water conservation, how to pseudo-bake when one has no oven, lack of refrigeration, and other like opportunities for invention and creativity.

Finally... Recently I've been receiving more questions about simply living aboard, and not just cooking. In response, I have created the "Living Afloat" tag in my Index. There, you will find posts in response to questions/comments about moving aboard, living aboard, and how it works. If you have a question, please let me know! I'll do my best!

Thanks for visiting!