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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tofu Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce

I used to make stir fry by simply lightly sauteing all of the veggies I had selected (sometimes even a bag of frozen ones), putting them over rice, and drowning everything in soy sauce.

I was never completely happy with the outcome (surprise). While okay, it was not good, but I never made the effort to find out how to make it good. My We Love Ginger post was the first time I made a really yummy stir fry.

A couple nights ago, I had several veggies in the cooler that were entering "the edge zone." Another day and their life would be over. I also had a box of tofu. Stir fry night! But I didn't have a specific recipe, and at the same time I wasn't willing to go back to the old soy sauce days. What to do...

Tofu Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce

You will need:

The veggies of your choice (I used garlic, 1/2 red onion leftover from Goddess Bowl, 1 green bell pepper, 1 head broccoli and 2 big carrots)
One container of firm tofu, sliced into cubes
One spicy peanut sauce recipe (to follow)
Toasted sesame seeds for garnish
olive oil for pan
3 cups cooked brown rice

1) Start/cook rice according to package directions. Prepare your veggies. Dice the garlic, floret the broccoli, slice the onion and carrots thin, and chop the bell pepper.

2) Lightly oil pan over medium heat and add garlic and onions. When just barely tender, add broccoli. When broccoli is bright green, add carrots and bell pepper. Stir occasionally.

3) While veggies saute, make your spicy peanut sauce:

2 generous T. peanut butter (natural, crunchy style)
1 teaspoon of sugar
2 T. soy sauce
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1 teaspoon sherry
and a squirt of Sriracha hot sauce (season to taste, depending on your sauce and what you like. It is easy to stir in more if you want)

Mix the above ingredients well. Add hot water slowly, stirring well, until your sauce is creamy and about the consistency of a cheese sauce.

4) When veggies are tender but not soft, add tofu and gently stir/heat until tofu is hot. Spoon veggies/tofu over rice in bowls, drizzle with peanut sauce, and garnish with toasted sesame seeds. Enjoy!


  1. That looks really yummy. Some of my friends are anti-tofu, so I vary it with Morningstar Farms Chik'n Strips. Two didn't believe it was vegetarian. I'm going to have to try your recipe though, cuz it looks awesomesauce.

  2. Hey Raven, thanks for the compliments! Curious about the anti-tofu: health concerns? environmental concerns? taste? We don't eat it very often... but I do like the taste :-)

    I've liked some Morningstar sausage, but haven't tried the strips you mention. Maybe I should...



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