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Monday, March 28, 2011


This is not a recipe, this is just me saying that I'm making progress!!

A few nights ago, I took stock of what I needed to use up in the cooler, bought chicken and chicken stock, and made a delicious chicken and rice soup (with carrots, celery, onions and a wee bit of broccoli).

This may not seem like much, but I was previously almost afraid to buy chicken, because I really had no idea what to do with it (and have it still taste good).

As proof of this fear, I offer up this semi-incredible bit of information: When following the recipe for one of my earlier posts, I wanted to ask someone's advice on cutting up the thighs into 1 and 1/2 inch pieces. There was no one to ask. I could have called the friend who helped me through my earlier sherry crisis, but really. Really! What would he think of me? I won't say how old I am, but I should be able to slice chicken. And I did. And it was fine! And when I cut up the chicken for my soup, I had no fear.

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