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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Pinning Wheel"

I've been exploring some truly lovely food blogs, and am impressed by all the incredible photographs of food. It is quite inspiring (I want to eat THAT!), and vaguely bewildering to me. How do these chefs handle sizzling pans, messy chopping blocks, wooden spoons, knives AND deftly wield a high definition camera? With clean fingers?

Last night, when I made my veggie pancakes, I fully intended on beautiful images of grated green zucchini and bright orange squash... but was tipped past the point of photography by my three-year old racing up and down the length of our cabin, pin-wheel wildly spinning and shouts of "Watch me, mommy! Mommy! Watch me this time again!"

I admittedly gave up on the camera in favor of watching her flying about in red velvet with a sparkly blue and silver "pinning wheel." I should have laid down the grater and taken a picture of that.

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