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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year's 2011

Much is written about New Year's Resolutions, so I'll be brief on this point: I made one. One resolution. I resolved to deviate from my well-worn shopping list and grocery stops. I am (and I'm sure my family is) ready for new tastes, new dishes, new recipes and discoveries and spices. My biggest hurdles? First, I'm not a cook. That title goes to my husband, but I am the one with the time to cook. Second, my culinary explorations must be defined by an air of frugality. Such are the times. Finally, my kitchen is a galley. A small and sometimes awkward space, but not an excuse for deadly repetition at dinner time.

Inspiration for my resolution struck one predawn morning in the ferry line-up. I am rarely alone in the car, but that morning I had one silent, dark hour to spend listening to the radio. NPR Morning Edition. A treat! Best of all, the host was conducting an interview with a woman named Nigella, and Nigella was sharing a simple recipe. I had never heard of this British chef before (can I use the "not a cook" excuse again?), but she made me believe that I could execute a lovely AND simple dish. I hastily wrote down the ingredients, and listened to her instructions. I vowed to make the dish the very next time I made dinner. I would! I could! But I didn't...

Two months passed, New Year's Eve arrived. It was time to renew that vow, and head to the grocery store.

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