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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mascara or Lipstick?

I don't typically wear makeup myself, but have on occasion read the articles quizzing women on what beauty product they absolutely wouldn't give up. The "desert island" question. You only get to keep one, what would it be?

I'm curious about this from a culinary standpoint. What ingredient or item do you feel you MUST have in your galley or kitchen? Maybe you wouldn't be able to make a complete meal or dish with it, but what is the desert island security blanket of your cooking? Or snacking? Or baking?

For me, lentils are darn close to the top, but the winner is nutritional yeast. I use it in almost everything, and if all else fails you can eat it, uncooked, with a spoon (you might not want to, but you could. Lentils fall short there).

Nutritional yeast is hard to beat. Two heaping tablespoons contain 17% of your recommended daily value for protein. It is incredibly high in Folic acid and the B vitamin complex---crucial for crew morale. Complete nutritional info here.

It amazes me.

What food amazes you?


  1. If I could only have one food product it would be a boutique-ish hot sauce. That way, any carcass or rice bag I stumbled across would taste far better than it would have otherwise...That's my answer to the mascara or whatever question. -Scott

  2. Thank you Scott and N! I'll have a recipe for you soon! (No carcass necessary).


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