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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yogurt Cheese! A very easy cheese to make...

I just read an article about discipline... and immediately felt guilty about not being very disciplined in regards to my blog. Try harder? Or just post an incredible easy recipe for making yogurt cheese?

Yogurt Cheese! (on toast)

It will take me longer to type up this post than it will for you to (actively) make the cheese. Really. And the cheese is soooo yummy! I have been making yogurt from local milk, but we cannot eat the yogurt fast enough. I get a new half gallon of milk every Wednesday, and we're just not keeping up. Enter the yogurt cheese. Suddenly, a few pieces of toast takes care of the problem!

You will need:

4 cups yogurt
1 tsp salt
refrigerator or chill-ish environment 

What to do:

1) Place colander over a bowl and line with cheesecloth (2 layers. I like to use the If You Care brand).

2) Place all 4 cups of yogurt into cheesecloth.

3) Tie cheesecloth and suspend to drain over bowl or sink for 30 minutes.

4) After 30 mins, return to colander (over bowl) and refrigerate overnight. Or place in chill environment overnight. I put mine outside, covered (no fridge here).

5) In the morning, remove cheese from cheesecloth and place in bowl. Thoroughly stir in salt. Voila! You have yogurt cheese. The consistency is similar to cream cheese, a bit softer. Store in airtight container in cold environment. Try adding jelly, fruit, chocolate syrup? I'll bet Nutella would be good! Mmmmmm!

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