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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mama in the Galley

Sometimes I just want to write all about being a mommy, and not so much about cooking. When that happens, I take a glance at all the mommy mahme mama mother mamu mamilicious blogs out there and think, "Now really, there just isn't room for one more."

Writing another mommy blog feels like the old mitten story, where the boy loses his mitten in the winter forest, and one by one the animals come and make a home in the cozy space. First a mouse, followed by a mole, a frog, a rabbit, a fox... more and more animals, each bigger than the last, until finally the bear lumbers along, squeezes in, and the mitten bursts! The splitting wool flings all the animals back out into the chill of the wintry night, and in the morning the boy sees a mouse wearing a little red cap, the thumb from his mitten.

I am the lumbering bear. Too slow to claim a mommy spot for myself in the blogosphere. And while I certainly don't think I'm powerful enough to push everyone aside by squeezing in, I'm not certain there is even a remnant of wool left to discuss. From incredibly creative foods for kids (did you ever eat apples and cheese in the shape of the very hungry caterpillar?) to my favorite Scary Mommy, it seems no stone of motherhood is left unturned. There are so many brilliant mamas! Which is great. Which is good. Which is how it should be... but I'm suffering from an acute case of Fabulosis Mamiblog Envyitis.

How could I not? I mean, how great is this? Yesterday I read a blog post where the mommy suggests this T-shirt for new moms: 

I Make Milk. What's Your Superpower?

Now, I just took a brief tour through Etsy, and it turns out you can (and should) actually buy this T-shirt for new mommies. Whether the blogger had an original idea and these are her T-shirts... I don't know. Maybe another mommy stole the idea. Maybe a prowler mommy who stalks other mommies' delightful blogs and wishes they were hers stole the idea. Maybe that is all that is left for me: Slinking around on other mama-blogs looking for good ideas and laughing at the memory of the most on the money description of parenting I've seen yet. And while we're talking about it, the author of that inspired piece has the blog name Momastery.

She really does. Momastery. I'm not sure my education in biology has given me the tools to even come up with a competing blog name, 'cause yeah, Mommyology is taken too. You can see the mommyologist here.

I reported these feelings of Missed Opportunity, Incompetence, Lack of Foresight, and Frustration to a friend. She told me to go for it! Write another mommy blog! She even said, "The cream rises to the top." I love her. The only problem is, there is so much cream. Check this out: Top 50 Mom Blogs.

See how much mom-ing is going on already? For now I think I better stay here, a mama in the galley.

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  1. I am in awe of you my daughter! XXX Oma Dee


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