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Monday, June 20, 2011

Quality of Life

A few years ago, the wife of a friend made the following comment:

"I won't ever live aboard again. That quality of life might work for some people, but not for me."

This wasn't said directly to me, but as there were only three of us present (speaker included) I had to wonder...

Back then I wondered if she meant to be offensive. Now I just look at the picture below and wonder "what the heck?". That quality of life looks pretty freaking awesome.

This is where we sailed to two weekends ago. We anchored in a great mud bottom on one side of the island, then hiked up and over to the other. Glorious. There are supposed to be foxes on the bluffs, but I suspect our enthusiastic enjoyment--and daughter's shouts of "where are the foxes?"-- was a bit too much for their quiet souls. Perhaps next time we can sit still long enough for one to visit.

There will be a next time. There is a certain quality of life we enjoyed that day...

And what did we eat you ask? Corn puffins and eggs in the morning, apples with peanut butter and goldfish on the beach (yes! we made it down the bluffs to the beach), and I don't remember dinner now...

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