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Sunday, February 5, 2012

36' Sailboat for Sale

Two years ago we sold Adios, our wonderful, kindly, proud 36' boat. This is her:

We sold her to a truly great guy, but with the economic conditions as they are, he hasn't been able to spend time with her, nor even travel to visit. And so she waits.

After idling on the dock for two years she isn't without problems, but she is a great liveaboard and cruiser. We lived aboard her with two big dogs, one small cat, a baby on into toddlerhood, and two adults. If you are single or a couple, you'll be styling! (Note: All signs of dog/cat are gone. Even got new cushions!)

In 2009 we sailed Adios from the San Juan Islands up the Inside Passage to Ketchikan, AK. She would have taken us much further, but we ran out of money and time, so she sailed us home again.

Adios is a 36’ Doug Peterson design (Peterson is a famous yacht/ocean racer designer and key member of design team for Black Magic, winner of 1995 America's Cup). She has a beautifully hand-laid fiberglass hull, a wooden mast and wheel. She has six bunks and could sleep seven, but more reasonably sleeps four (if you’re planning on carrying extra sails). We redesigned one salon bunk to pull out into a small double bunk. The V-berth sleeps two, there is a second salon bunk, and then two bunks aft below the cockpit. Adios also has solar power, a composting head with sink+cupboards, and a great little galley. The V-berth cushions are in good shape and the salon has new cushions and covers. (She has a new spice shelf above the sink, not in picture).

Galley with Propane Oven/Stove Top
Sink in Head
She is a strong, kindly boat, sails and handles well, and took care of us over many, many miles of sailing. Her main is new-ish and her headsails will take some more wear. She also has new anchor and chain, and a manual windlass. She has a Leyland diesel engine (nickname Lisl), and a Dickinson diesel heater.

Her biggest problems are due to sitting at the dock for two years. Her bottom paint still looks good, but is slimy. Her prop is sure to have some barnacles on it. A haul-out, pressure wash, new zincs, and coat of bottom paint would set her straight. While hauled out, she should have her aft shaft couple replaced. It isn't broken yet, but you would want a new one before you headed out. Also, the shaft linkage cable is broken-- an inexpensive part and an easy fix. Beyond that, she has a small laundry list of relatively simple projects that have arisen from neglect but won't stop you from going sailing.

Example: There are some soft spots in the decks that will require epoxy injection -- a nice summer project -- and her bright work isn't so bright anymore.

Here are some more pics (I am trying to find a salon shot. Will post if I can. I also have an engine shot somewhere):

Chart Table
V-berth. Note... we painted after this pic was taken, in colors for our daughter... quite lovely!
Port aft berth (we used for sail storage and dog bed)
Just a great cruising to AK galley shot
At anchor in George Inlet, AK
So! Asking $20,000. She is not ours (remember we already sold her), but we love her and will help her current owner find her a good home. Let me know if you are interested!! She needs to go sailing!


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